2019 Subaru Legacy

Road Test: 2019 Subaru Legacy

Mid-sized sedans have continued to lose in popularity with alacrity in recent years at the expense of the crossover. Nonetheless, some good sedan offerings remain and the 2019 Subaru Legacy is definitely one...

Road Test: 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe

Mid-size SUVs are some of the most popular vehicles on our roads these days and the competition among the many good vehicles in the segment is intense. With so much choice out there, automakers are constantl...
1964 Volvo 1800S

Restoring a Classic 1964 Volvo 1800S

A car-guy buddy was telling me that he sees an old red Volvo 1800S when he walks his dog every night in a Victoria neighbourhood. I first saw the car, or a picture of it, when shown a Google Maps page on an iPa...