2024 Jeep Wagoneer S EV Debuts

New York, NY — The 2024 Jeep Wagoneer S marks the first time we’ve seen Jeep put its all-new STLA Large platform to use, and is also the first fully-electrified Jeep seen in North America. It’s the third model to come from the Wagoneer line-up, which is slowly morphing into a brand all its own over at Jeep – it sits between the Grand Wagoneer and Wagoneer in the line-up. Jeep says it reached out to its customers and fans and as it turns out, “S” is the model name that they thought stuck, so there you go.

2024 Jeep Wagoneer S

Not only is the Wagoneer S a BEV, but it’s also an all-new model unto itself at Jeep; it is smaller than both the gas Wagoneer and the Grand Wagoneer, representing perhaps a more youthful take on the Wagoneer name. It may not be immediately obvious, but this isn’t the first time the Wagoneer name has been attached to a smaller vehicle; 1984 saw the birth of the Wagoneer version of the XJ Cherokee, and it got some unique light fixtures both front and back, special leather-and-cloth seating and yes, vinyl “woodgrain” paneling.

Now, the new Wagoneer won’t be getting that – not at the outset, anyway – but it nevertheless looks a treat, all hunkered down, and with large 20-inch wheels and squared-off fenders. From the front, the traditional grille has been tapered way down (there’s no engine up front that it needs to cool, so it needn’t be so large) and is flanked on either side by ultra-narrow HID headlights. From the rear, meanwhile, the dual spoiler stands out as does the full-length taillight bar.

2024 Jeep Wagoneer S

Those spoilers, by the way, aren’t just for show, either; they are functional and reduce drag, helping the Wagoneer achieve an estimated range of 480 kilometers. Charging, meanwhile, happens to the tune of 20 to 80 per cent in under 25 minutes. The Wagoneer S Launch Edition includes a level two home charger or charging credits through Jeep parent company Stellantis’ own Free2Move charging service. That’s not going to come cheap, though; Jeep announced a starting price of $88,995 in Canada, putting the Wagoneer S squarely in the realm of the Porsche Macan EV, which is no small opponent to square off against. Then again; getting an EV charger as part of the price (sort of; you still need to pay to have it installed), however, definitely sweetens the deal. After all; most EV users do most of their charging at home.

2024 Jeep Wagoneer S
2024 Jeep Wagoneer S

All that being said: this is a Wagoneer so it should come as no surprise that it comes standard with all-wheel-drive (AWD), achieved trough the use of dual 250 kW electric motors, one mounted each axle. Add a 100.5 kWh battery to the equation and you’re looking at a total power output of 600 horsepower and 617 pound-feet of torque. Which, since it’s coming from an electric powertrain, is delivered right away with no delay and provides a 0-97 km/h sprint of a frankly startling 3.4 seconds. Name me a Wagoneer that’s ever done that, and I’ll have that land deed to my plot in Fiji to you on the next secured flight out of New York.

True to Jeep and Wagoneer form, there is a Selec-Terrain AWD system with multiple driving modes – auto, sport, eco, snow and sand – and while these have historically been on gas-powered or plug-in hybrid vehicles, the instant power delivery and the ability to shuffle torque ‘round to the wheels that need it most for a new dimension of off-road capability.

Also true to Wagoneer form is the interior; there are all sorts of neat goodies here including four separate digital displays that total 45” of display space, including a 10.25” number ahead of the front passenger which they can use to set the navigation instructions, for example. Other display include a digital instrument cluster, dual-tiered central display and if you count it as such, a digital rearview mirror as well. As was the case with the Grand Wagoneer, Jeep has turned to McIntosh to provide a 19-speaker, 1,200-watt sound system which is sure to hit you deep in the chest with your favourite tunes.

Since the Wagoneer S is situated in the luxury class – and indeed, it’s priced as such – it will need a high-quality interior in addition to all that tech. In that light, Jeep has draped the interior in acres of sustainable synthetic leather (that can be coloured red if that’s your thing), a flat-bottom steering wheel wrapped in anti-microbial Cabo vinyl, suede headliner and premium carpeting that’s also made up of recycled material. A diamond-print plastic has been added to certain door and center console inserts for a little added toughness – which you want from your Jeep.

But wait! There’s more!

Jeep also took the opportunity to introduce a Trailhawk version of the Wagoneer S. It’s just a concept for now, but even in concept form Jeep is able to say that it has better breakover, approach and departure angles than the standard Wagoneer S. It also gets all manner of adventure bits such as extra hand-holds and molle strapping inside, essentially “making the while interior of your car like a backpack,” according to chief designer Ralph Gilles.

All this to say that this is a pretty bold move for Jeep and the Wagoneer brand. To come out with the smallest vehicle in the line-up, make it a BEV and spec it to the nines in terms of tech and performance is a flex, to be sure. Only time – and a drive – will tell if it has what it takes to go up against the leaders in this game, but Jeep is making no bones about the fact that that’s exactly what they’re planning on doing. The toughness of a Jeep with the luxury and tech of Wagoneer, all wrapped in an EV package? Looking forward to seeing how this goes.


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