BMW Club Atlantic's 10 Up

Up Close and Personal With M-Cars at BMW Club Atlantic’s 10 Up

Normally, arriving at a dealership at 9 am on a Saturday isn’t exactly what you think of when you think of a good time. Maybe it means an early trip to the parts department, followed by a day of turning wrenches and getting greasy. Maybe it means a day of sitting and waiting to be told just how much it will cost to get your pride and joy back on the road.

But this foggy and dreary Saturday morning is a little bit different. This Saturday morning, I’m heading to O’Regan’s BMW in Halifax for what is becoming a popular annual event. Today they are opening their shop up to the public, for a look at and a chat about some iconic BMW models. Plus a few other classics for good measure.

It’s called 10 UP, and it’s organized by the BMW Club Atlantic. They’ve been organizing the event for the last few years, with help from the British Automobile Touring Association of Nova Scotia and members of a few other area car clubs. It’s a rare chance to get to see some rare or vintage cars up close and underneath. Take a look at the leaking oil of a vintage Fiat, or the gorgeous aluminium control arms and bare carbon strut braces of a showroom fresh BMW M4.

Hosted by BMW Club Atlantic 2nd VP George Garner, there were more than 10 cars up on the lifts of BMW Halifax this year, including an MGB, Fiat Spider, Ferrari F355, and BMW M3s and M4s from almost every generation.

Each car was introduced, and then the owner of the car gave a short history of the car and their experience with it. The owner of the (right-hand drive by way of Bermuda, not England) MG talked about having to sell his car before getting married but then was able to buy it back from his best man many years later.

The surprise hit of the event was the Tesla Model S. There might not be much to see underneath, just a titanium skid plate, but even a group of vintage gearheads is enchanted by the latest and most high-tech performance cars.

It’s finally starting to warm up across the country, which means that the nice cars are starting to come out of hibernation. That means that car meets are starting up again, so keep an eye out for Facebook posts and flyers. And if you see a group of cars that look a little more interesting than traffic normally does? That might be the one time it’s ok to follow them.

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