On the third day of Christmas!

Oh, MINI, how you capture my heart, my soul, my inner child and my outer speed demon. A fun-to-drive, easy-to-live with vehicle wrapped in an uber modern, stylish package, the all-new revamped and updated 2017 MINI Cooper S Clubman is more than a MINIvan, it’s a way of life.

I was always a fan of the Clubman, and I’m not entirely sure why. Perhaps it was the funky barn-door rear “hatch” or the quirky passenger-side suicide door, but the MINI Clubman was always like that ugly puppy in the pack that you can’t help but feel a bit sorry for and want to play with and pet because, well, he’s just not as adorable as the rest but he’s oh-so endearing.

Sporting the updated front grille feature on the MINI Cooper 5-door and hatch, the Clubman was also made wider and a slightly longer to accommodate the new 4-door configuration. Gone is the quirky suicide door, and while that makes me slightly sad, I do appreciate the real-life rear doors that make passenger entry and exit that much easier. Also, my son was able to get in and out sans help from mum, which is always a bonus. Independence for the win! (Who am I kidding, mummy’s just lazy…)

Behind the wheel, the 2017 MINI Cooper S Clubman feels every bit a MINI, despite the larger size. This something the Bavarian umbrella company struggled with when it came to the Countryman, but they’ve somehow perfected it in the Clubman, while managing to integrate ALL4 in the equation, too. Yup, all-wheel drive available on your spunky little MINI Cooper Clubman. Piqued your interest?

The all-wheel drive takes nothing away from the go-kart like experience when driving; in fact it all but enhances it. Coupled with a glorious 6-speed manual transmission; and I defy you to get behind the wheel and not smile.

Spreading joy that’s as contagious for drivers as it is passenger and passersby, the 2017 MINI Cooper S Clubman is a jolly little bloke who easily makes it into one of my top fave drives from 2016, with very good reason.

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