Toyota Fuel Cell bus takes to the streets in Tokyo

Toyota is taking its hydrogen fuel cell technology to mass transit.

The Japanese company announced last week that it has delivered its first fuel cell bus to the Bureau of Transportation of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

The FC bus will go into service in March, with a second bus delivered to the transit agency in March.

Toyota Fuel Cell bus

The plan is to introduce 100 FC buses in Tokyo ahead of the 2020 Olympics.

The buses have a capacity of 76 passengers (seated and standing).

The buses will be used in the urban areas of the city, and Toyota said in a statement that it hopes this will increase public awareness about the technology.

Toyota also offers the Mirai fuel cell vehicle and has invested heavily in developing the technology for various uses, including in homes.

The fuel cell system in the bus has been adapted from that of the Mirai.

And, like the Mirai — which can be used to provide power to your home in an emergency — the FC bus can also be used as a source of power in the event of disasters.

The FC bus has 10 tanks of hydrogen on board, for a total capacity of 600 litres.

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