Toyo Open Country Q/T tire
Toyo Open Country Q/T tire

Tested: Toyo Open Country Q/T tires

Toyo Open Country Q/T tires are quiet and capable

Depending on shoe size, one may have more contact with the road per shoe than with each tire on the automobile they drove to buy them. It’s quite startling to consider how small, yet critically important, those four contact patches are.

Unfortunately, the rubber that sits between a safe journey and road carnage is often neglected, worn-out, or simply unsafe to use as anything but a boat bumper. New tires restore a vehicle’s road-holding ability and its handling dynamics, both of which can be severely compromised by a tire that should have rolled its way to retirement many kilometres earlier.

Wet or sloppy road conditions will do nothing but exacerbate a worn tire’s ineffectiveness, multiplying the risk to those in the vehicle and other road-users. Sourcing the best tires for one’s intended application can become a bit of a science these days.

Much of it comes down to vehicle type, intended usage, geographic region, weather challenges, and of course budget. Fuel-economy even factors into a tire purchase with the advent of low-rolling resistance tires. Most reputable tire shops can provide recommendations to address the multitude of variables.

Living on Canada’s ‘Wet’ Coast, I spend a lot of time cursing the rain, but I know that proper tires will keep me and my family safe during cloudbursts that unexpectedly flood roads and highways.

Our primary vehicle is a mid-size SUV with all-wheel-drive. Whether it’s a Costco run, road trip, or ski day, this is our “go to” ride, so there’s no compromise on the rubber.

Recently, I was offered the opportunity to test a set of Toyo Open Country Q/T tires on my SUV. Before agreeing to do so, I wanted to learn more about the Open Country line of tires by Toyo to ensure that they aligned with my motoring needs and priorities.

Ron Golab is the advertising manager for Toyo Tires. He provided me with the background I was looking for. In particular, he pointed out the wide circumferential grooves and large lateral evacuation grooves designed to keep the tire connected to the pavement while rapidly displacing rain water.

Anti-hydroplaning technology is a priority for me in tire selection. Unexpectedly hitting large pools of water, which needn’t be deep, can cause an immediate loss of control if tires are unable to maintain grip due to hydroplaning.

A further priority for me is the ability of a tire to sustain light-duty off-road driving. Puncture resistance and traction are factors to consider in this environment, especially if that trail is slick and muddy.

Toyo Open Country Q/T tire
Toyo Open Country Q/T tire

So, what does Ron have to say about that?

“Reliability, durability and fun! That was the basis of this new tire’s design. What this means is a smooth responsive ride in a variety of seasons on paved road, yet if you are a bit of an adventurer or want to explore some family fun, the Open Country durability allows for some off-road terrain exploration.”

Great to know that some light-duty off-roading can be confidently tackled, but what was the over-arching goal Ron in developing the Open Country Q/T?

“The goal of the Open Country Q/T was to leverage the technology from our popular Open Country tire and merge it with TOYO’s successful Versado CUV tire. The result is a smooth running, longer lasting tire designed to handle the extra load requirements of crossovers and SUV vehicles. Owners of this type of vehicle desire smooth driving with responsive handling. Not always an easy combination with these larger vehicles.”

Thanks Ron.

I’ve now been running the Q/T’s for about three months and have pushed them through snow, slush, and mud with outstanding results. Though they are not winter-rated tires with the official snowflake/mountain peak symbol, the Open Country Q/T’s are rated M+S for mud and snow. Combined with all-wheel-drive, the tires delivered remarkable grip, especially on rain-soaked highways.

Toyo Open Country Q/T tire
Toyo Open Country Q/T tire

In addition to their excellent traction, the Q/T’s are exceptionally quiet tires thanks to Toyo’s Silent Wall Technology, which reduces pipe resonance. Or in plain speak, tire noise!

There’s no doubt that my vehicle is spoiling me with a smoother, quieter ride since adopting the Q/T’s. This is most evident on the highway but also on rougher types of paved surfaces.

To date, the Toyo Open Country Q/Ts have delivered outstanding ride quality combined with superior traction, giving me a renewed sense of confidence in all motoring conditions.

Toyo backs its Open Country Q/T’s with a 5-year 105,000 km warranty.

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