Torque Talks: Power to the people!

If you want to know what’s going on in the automotive world, you need to talk to the experts. Torque Talks takes you behind the scene with the best and brightest the industry has to offer. These are the CEO’s, designers, engineers, marketing experts and automotive influencers who craft the vehicles we drive today and will be in the future. This is where the torque hits the road.

In this episode, we discuss several of the most significant vehicles unveiled recently at the 2017 CIAS in Toronto. Are looking for the latest off-road capable vehicle, a new sports car, that perfect people-hauler for the family or something a little more exotic? Torque Talks has you covered. Knowledge is power!

Natacha Dupuis – Team Canada Co-Captain Invictus Games 2017

Pieter Hogeveen – Brand Director, Alfa Romeo, North America

Ted Lancaster – Vice President, COO, Kia Canada Inc.

Marc Vejgman  – Product Marketing Manager, Ford of Canada

Vince Galante – Chief Designer- Sandbox (Advanced Design)

Chad Heard – Senior Manager Public Relations, Hyundai Canada


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