How to save your E30 M3 from an Impending Storm

Having just survived Hurricane Matthew myself (I sat through the category 4 hurricane while it passed over Freeport, GB, and let me tell you it was no joke), I can fully understand why this Port Saint Lucie, Florida man decided the best way to protect his beloved BMW from the blustery wind was to store it in his living room.

BMW E30 M3 saved from Hurricane Matthew (source Jalopnik)

This man may just be my new MCM (sorry to the bf).

While some may think the photos were staged, they were in fact very, very real. The good boys at Jalopnik even got hold of the E30 M3 owner, Randy Jalil to get to the bottom of his living-room dwelling Bimmer. Turns out Randy just really, really, really loves his M3.

And really, why wouldn’t you? Look at it.

Sleeping with BMW E30 M3
Sleeping with BMW E30 M3 (source Jalopnik)

Basically, Randy’s garage was already full with a few other BMWs (must be nice) and his baby would have been left outside to deal with the possible carnage Hurricane Matthew was bringing their way. Until he suddenly had a brilliant idea: Looking at the size of his double-door home entrance he whipped out the tape measure (as men are apt to do) to see if his beloved ride would fit.

Low and behold, it did. So, in it went, and in it stayed for the duration of the storm to ride it out in comfort and safety where it shared morning coffee and nighttime cuddles with Randy.

“I’ve owned my E30 for about 8 years now and the last few years there was a spike in the value of these cars. I wasn’t risking anything!” exclaimed Randy when he spoke with Jalopnik.

“Cars are meant to be driven and I will always live by that,” Randy stated. Well, thanks to his ingenious idea, the M3 will live another day to be driven as it should be.

I repeat: MCM for life.


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