FLO electric vehicle charging station
FLO EV charging station

Going with the FLO at home and work

Property owners who don’t want to pay the upfront costs of installing electric vehicle charging stations now have another option at their disposal.

FLO, which manages the country’s largest network of charging stations, unveiled a new way to have EV chargers installed.

Rather than paying for the charger and installation, FLO is now offering property owners and managers the chance to have them installed by FLO for a monthly fee.

The company will handle installation of the charger, service management, maintenance, station upgrades and user support, FLO said in a statement.

The service is available for workplaces, businesses, apartment buildings, condominiums, commercial buildings and fleet parking lots.

Owners will also earn a share of the revenue generated by the station, and can set their own fees and access rules for the stations.

“Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for building owners and managers to install charging stations for their tenants, customers and employees,” said FLO’s president and CEO, Louis Tremblay. “This initiative is one more way FLO is meeting the rapidly growing needs of Canada’s electrical vehicle drivers—whether at home, at work or on the go—with a solution that reflects building managers’ realities and challenges.”

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