Charged by Cadillac Aims to Make EV Adoption Easier…For Everyone

While we spend our time checking and rechecking manufacturer’s claims about how far their battery-electric vehicles (BEVs) can travel on a single charge, what it takes to gain some of that back through various on-board regen tools and so on, Cadillac is taking a slightly different tack and essentially asking “we will provide you not only a vehicle (the all-new LYRIQ BEV CUV) with great range – up to 500 km in RWD form – but also a way of helping you charge it.”

Well, they’re helping buyers with that in a couple of ways, actually. For starters, the LYRIQ is capable of gaining back 120 km of range in about 10 minutes when connected to a 190 kW DC fast charger. As more and more of these become prevalent, you won’t be waiting around for a charge nearly as much as you once did. It also comes equipped with a charge cable and adapters that allow you to plug in to either a 120V or 240V outlet. That’s all great stuff; most BEV drivers do the lion’s share of their charging at home, making all of that so much more necessary.

Not quite as necessary, of course, as having a level II wall box charger of your own at home. That drastically changes your EV lifestyle and scheduling as there’s no longer the need to seek out a level II charger or to wait for hours – days even – for your car to charge on a trickle charge at home.

Thing is, not everyone has the ability, the knowledge or the network to install a level II home charger – which is where Cadillac comes in once again.

Any Canadian who purchases or leases a 2023 LYRIQ will either be given a $750 credit for use on the Flo fast charging network, or $1,500 towards the installation of a level II charger at home. Not only will they cover the cost, but they will find an electrician certified to install a home charger. That is not something every electrician is cleared to do and finding one – and then booking them – is a big part of the battle when it comes to installing a home charger. That cost doesn’t cover the charger itself, but they will be given the option to purchase one of Cadillac’s Ultium PowerUp 11.5 kW units, which will reduce charge times from three days down to overnight. If you want even more speed – and have the 100-watt breaker required to support it – Cadillac also offers a 19.2 kW version of the PowerUp.

In what you could see as a bit of a shot over Tesla’s bow, Cadillac is also developing a network of level II chargers – they’re targeting 4,000 over the next three years – that they will be installing at various destinations across Canada. These will not be restricted to Cadillac users, or even GM users – any EV driver will be able to use them, at a price determined by the site’s host, whether that be a department store or dealer. That’s something Tesla CEO Elon Musk hasn’t even done, and it shows that Cadillac is convinced that if they can make living with EVs that much easier for everyone, more will want to make the transition more quickly and that when they do, they will opt for a Cadillac.



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