First Look: 2019 Sierra SLT and Sierra Denali

Today GMC moved the truck world up a big step with the introduction of the 2019 Sierra SLT and Sierra Denali. These pickup trucks contain levels of luxury, technology and innovation only dreamed about just a couple years ago.

This truck is certain to be noticed. With a big bold grille, chromed on the Denali model, and flanked by distinctive C-shaped LED running lights in the crystal clear headlight lens, the Sierra portrays a strong image. A body line running the length of the body side is repeated over the wheel wells and can be found in many of the Sierra trim parts to add a unified look to the truck. In the box, the space is 7 inches wider for more cargo room and the truck is larger in almost all dimensions, but the exterior doesn’t look any bigger.

Inside, occupants are pampered with large grained leather interior, real aluminum trim and open pore wood grain accents. In the rear there is even more legroom, while there is abundant storage with dual glove compartments up front and new “hidden” storage in the rear seat backs that are large enough to contain a laptop and folders. Dashboard controls are soft touch and large enough to be operated with gloves on. For the driver there is a customizable multi-colour 3×7 inch Heads Up Display for driving information and a Rear-View Camera mirror that uses camera technology to show a clearer and wider view of what is behind the vehicle without any obstructions from rear seat passengers or cargo.

The Multipro tailgate is innovative, industry leading and practical! With the touch of a button, the tailgate can be lowered, but with another touch, the centre upper portion of the tailgate can also be opened. There are seven different positions. With the panel dropped and flipped open, there is a 49-inch-wide step up to the box. Flip the step closed and you are able to move in closer to the box to access smaller cargo. A 8 foot sheet of plywood and be secured in the box with the Multipro panel flipped up to act as a stop at the end of the tailgate, and with the tailgate raised, and the Multipro panel dropped, it can function as a table top that is level with the two tier load indents built into the interior box sides. Innovative and practical, the Multipro tailgate will see a lot of use.

2019 GMC Sierra Denali revealed

GMC is using a mixed materials strategy to reduce the Sierra curb weight by 360 pounds. Steel alloy for the body is 50% stronger, while moveable panels such as doors and hood are aluminum, but the big news is the available carbon fibre box. This is the first application of carbon fibre on a pickup truck and it is a huge part. Tested to withstand abuse a pickup box normally gets, the carbon fibre panels are stronger and more resilient than steel. Even the sharp corners of concrete blocks leave the floor panels unmarked.

Another new feature is the Sierra’s Prograde trailering. Camera technology is used to aid backing up to the trailer and using GM’s trailer App on your smart phone, you can test the trailer lights while standing at the back of the trailer. For towing, the system provides a pre-tow checklist and can monitor trailer tire pressure and temperature while driving. While parked, ProGrade Trailering system will keep your trailer secure by alerting you with text and mobile alerts if the trailer is disconnected without permission.

Under the hood there are three new engines. The 5.3 Litre and 6.2 litre gas engines sound familiar but new engine designs and management systems now enable the engines to operate on any number of cylinders, from one to eight, depending on power demands. A new 3.0 litre inline 6-cylinder turbo diesel engine is also offered. A new 10 speed automatic transmission is standard with the 6.2 litre gas engine and the 3.0 litre diesel.

Befitting the luxury, the Sierra portrays, the trucks suspension features adaptive ride control that can respond to suspension movement for pitch, roll and heave in 2 milliseconds to change damping rates and smooth out those rough roads and potholes.

The 2019 Sierra will be available at dealers in the fall of 2018 but look for more on the Sierra soon. GMC hinted that they would announce even more at the New York Auto Show at the end of March.

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