2017 Mazda Adventure Rally
Picturesque Muskoka

Blowing Smoke: 2017 Mazda Adventure Rally

Rookies, they always make mistakes, and the 2017 Mazda Adventure Rally would prove it again. On day one we missed filling in something as simple as “choose what type of sandwich you want for lunch”. I wanted a veggie wrap, Pete wanted something a little more substantial, but did we remember to write it down in the book. No. And that was an easy two points gone! So, after a hard day of slogging through Muskoka backroads in the 2017 Mazda MX-5 RF, we were unceremoniously stuck in 6th place. Now what? How do we make our way up the ladder into the top 3 and gain that prize money for our charity. This is not going to be easy.

In this episode of Blowing Smoke, Pete (The Hess) and I are taking part in the 2017 Mazda Adventure Rally. A total of 10 teams compete for 3 top prizes, with all winnings going to the various charities represented by each team. First place wins $10,000, second place $2,000 and third wins $1,000. We chose to represent Intercede International based in Fort Erie, Ontario. They work closely with Good Samaritan, a charitable organization located in India and a place I know well having visited there a few years ago. Currently we are building an orphanage with Good Samaritan, to help children who have been forced to work in the nearby slate mines get out and enjoy a better life. It is a worthy cause and one that demands our best on this rally.

But here we are, stuck in 6th place with little hope of getting into the top three. Points are scarce with the bulk of them being 1 or .5, so to make up the difference; we can’t afford any missteps. Day two ends up being similar to day one, so this means day three is critical- no mistakes allowed. Is there a surprise ending to this story?

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