Yokohama celebrates 100 years of innovative tire technology

It’s Yokohama Tire’s 100th anniversary, and they wanted to show off how their tires can improve your performance. But that’s a big anniversary, so they wanted to do something really special to show that “Yokohama performance can enhance even non-tire items.” So the Canadian division of the tire maker has hired three craftsmen from across the country to do a shoe, a Yokohama surfboard, and a saddle.

They’ve dubbed the craftsmen “Tire Tailors”, and the Tailors will add Yokohama tire tread to the things that they make best. The first is from Toronto shoemaker Peter Feeny. He has taken Yokohama Advans and made a beautiful set of hand-made driving shoes. The company says that the one-off sneaker’s smooth sole let you “seamlessly slip from pedal to pedal during heel/toe braking.” A tire-tread sneaker has always seemed like a good idea to me, because there is nothing worse when you’re walking than sliding around on a poorly-soled shoe.

The board comes from Tom Millar of St. Catharines, ON-based Ausmosis Surfboards. He uses W Drive tires to help the rider stay onboard and upright in cold and wet water conditions.

The last one will really help you avoid a pain in the butt. It’s a saddle, crafted with Yokohama’s Geolander all-terrain tire. It’s a rodeo saddle, made by Brian Sinnott of Fincham’s Harness Shop in Nobleton, ON. The tread gives extra grip and durability to riders that they will really feel in the seat of their pants.

Yokohama will be making an ad campaign to show off the gear and celebrate their anniversary, and the items will be on display at dealers this summer. We’ll take a couple pairs of the shoes, please. Editor-in-chief Jeff Voth says he needs a size 10.5.

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