VW’s leaked EV lineup

It is a wonder whether the term ‘diesel scandal’ will eventually fade from VW’s road map. The maker is sure hoping so by repenting and looking towards a brighter — and greener — future. Electric will be their main focus in the upcoming years with the promise of an entire lineup of EVs. They unveiled a first prototype at the Paris Auto Show back in September, the ID Concept.

A few VW enthusiasts on the VWVortex forum dug out a handful of design patents filed by the manufacturer. Interesting feature of every model, ranging from what looks like a sport coupe to a minibus? The absence of a windshield. Despite a sleek integration of huge windows in the designs, some of them seem to be lacking in the windshield area, which would be consistent with VW’s project to make autonomous cars.

Whether you like what you see or not, we have to give it to the maker: they are making amends. Obviously, those patents are still very early in the process meaning that there’s virtually no information regarding their features. But a sneak peek at those designs are a good indication of what the maker has in mind for the future!

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