VICARIOUS Available now!
VICARIOUS Available now!

VICARIOUS is here!

Click HERE to launch the Winter 2018 edition.

W elcome to VICARIOUS! Our team of writers, photographers and graphic designers have been working overtime to launch what we believe is the best automotive lifestyle magazine in Canada! Today we get to share it with you and we couldn’t be more excited!

VICARIOUS takes you, the reader, on an epic road trip, filled with the newest vehicles and exceptional destinations from around the world. This is your behind-the-scenes ticket to experience a life well-travelled through the eyes of our award-winning team. And we do it in style, with stories and pictures carefully chosen to inspire your next great adventure.

Powered by, VICARIOUS magazine merges the best writing and photography with equally exceptional video and related commentary. We publish it as an e-zine, so you can easily dive in and get the full picture as we link to other stories. When it comes to keeping you informed and inspired, more is always better and VICARIOUS delivers!

To fully experience our new e-zine follow these three steps:

  • On the bottom right of the Issuu main page for VICARIOUS click the Full Screen option.
  • Use the forward and backward arrows to flip from page to page.
  • Click related links in the articles to read additional content and view videos. 

We hope you enjoy the ride!


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