Triumph Beeline: Motorcycle Navigation System

Despite best intentions, motorcycle companies just haven’t really cracked the magic code for seamless navigation systems. Some use their own proprietary, baked-in, mapping systems while others rely on app-based, Bluetooth paired tech, and others still offer integration through Apple CarPlay and (some) AndroidAuto. The big issue is that none of them seem to work as well as that early-aughts method of bar-mounting a phone and pairing it to a communications headset.

Of course that too has its downsides. Riding through rough terrain can easily jar a phone loose from its perch and unexpected bouts of inclement weather could render your 6.5-inch lifemate a brick — ask me how I know. Enter Beeline.

Triumph Beeline

Launched in 2015, Beeline is an IP67-rated, waterproof and shockproof puck of navigational simplicity. Simply mount the twist-lock unit to its universal fastener (elastic style or sticky-mount) and, once paired with the Beeline app running on your phone (which is stashed safely in your waterproof pocket) the backlit display will render turn-by-turn directions, display your speed or even give you a simple directional arrow to follow (in Compass Mode) to permit exploration while always heading in the right direction. It can even be loaded up with GPX files for off-roaders out there!

This latest iteration of Beeline is the result of a partnership with Triumph Motorcycles and the unit, aside from a laser-etched bit of Triumph branding, is essentially the same as their Moto Metal model, albeit with an extended warranty to boot.

Triumph Beeline

Where the Beeline excels is in its minimalist packaging and the fact that it’s an affordable alternative ($261+) to larger, longer established marques like Garmin and the like. And it can easily transfer over to your bicycle, too.

Currently the Triumph Beeline (and normal Moto Metal unit) will work internationally in the U.K., Europe, Canada, U.S.A., Australia, New Zealand and Japan, so round-the-world types are well supported.

Link: Triumph Motorcycles Canada

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