The Audi skysphere Debuts At Monterey Car Week

No, it’s not a new TT but Audi took the wraps off a brand new roadster concept during Monterey Car Week: the all-electric skysphere.

This next-generation model showcases quite the engineering feat — utilizing electric motors and a complex body and frame design, the wheelbase and overall vehicle length is variable by up to 250 millimetres.

Audi skysphere concept

When some spirited driving is in order, simply press a button to shorten the car down to 4,940 millimetres for maximum agility. Afterwards, extend it back out to 5,190 millimetres to enjoy the level 4 autonomous touring mode, which even hides away the steering wheel and pedals for maximum legroom, on the commute home.

A high-performance 465-kilowatt electric motor installed on the rear axle, producing 624 horsepower and 553 lb-ft of torque, propels the skysphere from 0 to 100 km/h in four seconds. Sitting on an evolved form of the Audi adaptive air suspension, the ride height can be lowered 10 millimetres to reduce aerodynamic drag.

Audi skysphere concept

Long, low and lean, the exterior pays homage to the Horch 853 convertible, though that classic German automobile certainly never had features like an LED-illuminated Singleframe grille, 23-inch wheels or rear-hinged doors.

Inside, occupants are treated to an Art Deco-inspired cabin mimicking the experience of flying in first class on an airplane. The trim and upholstery are crafted using eucalyptus wood, vegan leather and other sustainable materials.

The Audi skysphere was a product of the Audi Design Studio in Malibu, California and will be joined shortly by two other concepts: the grandsphere and urbansphere.

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