The all-new Infiniti Q60 Sports Coupe is here

Well, at least it’s in the Land of the Rising Sun. That’s right, production of the all-new Infiniti Q60 coupe has begun in Tochigi, Japan. So, while it might not be a North American plant, it’s still being built and coming off the production lines, which means if you’ve been waiting with baited breath for your brand spanking new Q60, the wait will soon be over.

Infiniti’s Tochigi plant has been manufacturing their vehicles since the brand was first launched in 1989. However, as the Q60 truly is all-new for the Japanese automaker, a few key elements in the plant had to be upgraded in order to facilitate Q60 production.

From a dedicated paint booth for the Q60’s Dynamic Sandstone Red colour to the adoption of unique deep-body stamping technology and new tooling machinery for the Q60’s unique resin trunk lid, the Tochigi plant has been customized to accommodate the very specific needs of this brand new sports performance coupe from Infiniti.

Then there are the specialist Takumi – master craftsman – who were chosen from the plant’s 4,500 employees to work specifically on Infiniti products to ensure quality is top-notch and that each vehicle that rolls off the line is premium through and through. Takumi possess a deep understanding of Infiniti’s core values, and that carries over into their work on products like the all-new Q60.

However they get it done, we’re just pleased to hear they’re rolling off the line, and we cannot wait to get behind the wheel. Send. Us. One. Now.

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