Toyota FT-1 concept

Suspected Toyota Supra could go down a greener path

Spy shots of what is believed to be Toyota’s revival of their sports model, the Supra, have already surfaced. The two-door coupe born from collaboration between Toyota and BMW was spotted sporting the full-on camo apparel, leaving the BMW M test centre at the Nürburgring, in Germany. A hit of the throttle however unveiled far more than expected as the car drives away, as shown — and heard — in this video. The believed-to-be Supra could go down a greener path.

With a silhouette inspired by Toyota’s FT-1 concept, unveiled in Detroit over two years ago. Already at the time, it sparked the rumors that the maker had a little something in the works that might bring the Supra back to life.

Lately, the first spy shots of the test mule have been snapped, revealing that we are closer than ever to the return of a sport coupe within the Toyota lineup, besides the Scion-turned-Toyota GT86. A video has now surfaced, showing the unknown model, leaving on-track test facilities in Germany, and when the driver hits the gas, the sound is not what you’d expect! The jet-engine-like acceleration is suspected to be produced by a hybrid powertrain. Up until now, the new model was expected to be fitted with either a BMW four-cylinder block or a Toyota V6. A British media even adds that the ‘Supra’ will borrow from Toyota’s LeMans technology.

And now, the waiting game begins as we probably won’t see the end result for at least another year, if not more.


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