Ram Rebel TRX concept

Ram Rebel TRX concept takes on Raptor

Ram is taking desert vehicle warfare to a higher level with the introduction of the Rebel TRX concept at the State Fair of Texas.

So far just a concept to gauge consumer interest in an extreme performance pickup, it’s taking an obvious run at the Ford Raptor and upping the sandy ante in the process with the most powerful half-ton truck Ram has ever built.

Hitting 160 km/h on pavement is an experience in itself, says the company, “but the Ram Rebel TRX hits triple digits in an off-road environment.”

Powered by a 575-horsepower supercharged 6.2 L HEMI V-8 that’s linked to an 8-speed automatic transmission, the truck’s powertrain has been recalibrated to handle high-speed offroad running. The concept uses Ram’s 4×4 performance control system that uses four operation modes: Normal, Wet/Snow, Off-road and Baja.

The concept is six inches wider than the regular Ram 1500 and built around suspension and frame prerequisites while adapting as many standard 1500 systems as possible. For instance, the high-strength steel frame is virtually the same and uses low-torsion attributes to increase durability, stability and handing precision.

Rebel TRX uses a standard Ram 1500 front axle with open differential and custom CV half-shafts to handle the wider track dimension. The spindles are moved forward to make room within the fender wells for 37-inch tires.

The rear axle puts power through an electric, selectable locker to 35-spline 1.5-inch axle shafts. The locker is available in all modes and maximizes power put to the ground in full-throttle manoeuvres.

A 40 per cent increase in suspension travel and 37-inch tires contribute to incredible ground clearance. This combination allows the TRX concept to overcome surface obstacles at high speed. Overall front and rear wheel travel is increased to more than 13 inches from the standard 9 inches. The front load is managed by adjustable performance coil-over shock with internal bypass. The ride is smooth over smaller bumps and the impact on occupants is softened and tire-to-ground contact maintained when bumps become mounds

Inside, seating features suede with accent mesh cloth inserts to cover the rear bench and front buckets. The suede inserts provide tremendous grip to clothing. The front seats integrate lateral support upper bolsters with embroidered logos. All four seats have six-point harnesses to keep occupants in place.

A seven-inch colour customizable display cluster features muddy tracks and TRX badge graphics. The same graphics fill the screen on an 8.4 Uconnect screen. A custom camera mount is located at the rear-view mirror.

“With 575 supercharged horsepower and a suspension system built to withstand all-day hammering, the Rebel TRX concept can devour the roughest terrain at more than 160 km/h (100 mph) and never look back,” says Mike Manley, the head of Ram Brand FCA-Global.

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