On the fourth day of Christmas!

While Santa and his elves are busy procuring fancy wheels to answer the wishes of my vicariousmag.com colleagues, I’m requesting something more modest but just as worthy; the 2017 Ford Fusion Sport.

Of the vehicles I piloted this year, the Fusion Sport held the most surprise for me. “Just another Fusion,” I thought. But I was wrong. So wrong in fact that in my full review I referenced Ford’s mid-size sedan as a wannabe Jaguar XF.

At the heart of the matter is Ford’s 2.7L twin-turbocharged EcoBoost V6 power plant, which develops 325 horsepower, but that’s just a hint of what’s to come. You see, it also generates 380 lb-ft of the most lustful torque you’re ever going to find in a car favoured by rental firms.

Of course, with an MSRP south of 40-large, the Sport version of Ford’s ubiquitous Fusion is unlikely to be found in the economy section of a rental lot, and properly so. The Fusion Sport is a true sports sedan featuring all-wheel drive and adjustable suspension damping.

In Normal mode, the Fusion Sport spoils its occupants with an absorbent, exceptionally comfortable ride – thanks in part to its pothole mitigation technology. In Sport mode, the underpinnings tighten up to deliver stable, flat corning without unnecessarily jostling the occupants within.

Add the Fusion’s deep, seductive exhaust note to its superb driving dynamics and upscale cabin, and well…you’ve got a poor man’s XF. It’s this constellation of unexpected attributes that has me championing the Fusion Sport, and hoping that it finds its way into Santa’s sack.

Don’t worry about dealing with the chimney Santa. I’ll leave the garage door open and your milk and cookies on the workbench. Ah, screw the dairy and Oreos. Let the wee dram warm you up!

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