The Hyundai Veloster lives to see another day

If there was one question on our minds – especially mine – it was ‘What’s next for the Hyundai Veloster?’ After five years, the maker of the award-winning three-door coupe seemed on the fence about its future. Underwhelming sales and performance that failed to meet expectations, the model seemed ready to retire, after a short-lived career in the cutthroat segment.

After a long wait and some uncertainty, we finally have an answer and it seems like Hyundai hasn’t given up on the Veloster just yet. In fact, a second generation, camo-covered mule was spotted being tested on the road and shared the goods.  If the prototype is any indications, the quirky three-door layout will remain unchanged. The silhouette however gains in muscle with a beefed up design, a thinner nose and higher roofline. Through the few openings in the camo wrap, we can see thinner headlights and taillights to match Hyundai’s most recent design signature, a even the new massive diamond-shaped grille.

Back in 2016, the RM 16 N concept gave us hope that the manufacturer would spike up their lineup with sportier options, something that’s been lacking since the Genesis Coupe was retired. This sighting opens up a new world of possibilities. Despite receiving a turbo version and even a tuned up Rally Edition, the Veloster has failed to deliver – it looks good but doesn’t have the personality to match. With this second generation, the maker has a chance to pick up the pace and who knows, maybe even go the mid-engine road.


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