Fool me once : the best automotive April’s fools

Nothing better than a belly-grabbing, leg-slapping joke to make your day. Laughi is excellent for our physical and emotional health and if there’s one day of the year that probably sends the levels of dopamine and endorphine flying through the roof, it has to be April 1st. Every year, auto makers enjoy testing their customers’ gullibility by coming up with their own April’s fools make-believes. The phenomenon isn’t a recent one considering manufacturers have been trying to prove they have a sense of humour for decades now. All those silly and even laugh-out-loud funny ideas go into the same drawer as the Superbowl ads in the “high entertainment” section. This year was no exception and some companies had a few creative and laugh-inducing ideas. So here are some of the best jokes makers have come up with this year.

The BMW Series 4, a true unicorn

Technically speaking, the brand’s coupe isn’t all that rare. But that can be remedied thanks to the German automaker desire to  make your wish come true. Just in time for April 1st, BMW has released the limited edition Original BMW Unicorn Parts to fit your 4 Series including among other things a horn, rainbow pearlescent headlights and wing-shaped side-view mirror covers. Your car will have that other-worldly look to it and will become truly unique.

Porsche Panamera is bringing back the 70s

Do you miss the time when wood inserts graced the side panels of your car rather than its dashboard? Porsche has just the thing for you with the Panamera Woodie special edition. This Panamera is the ideal blend of modern lines with a touch of nostalgia thanks to its elegant wood panelling. The Mercuries and Buicks of this world have nothing on the German maker. Nothing I say!

McLaren Feather wrap

If owning a McLaren 570GT isn’t enough to quench your thirst to stand out and that you wish to make an even more obnoxious statement, wrapping the car could be the next step to get you noticed. But not any wrap will cut it for your hyper-sport Brit wheel. You need the latest in fashion : carbon feather wrap (see main image). After all, birds are among the fastest travelling animals in the world, why wouldn’t you want that in a car?

Share your feelings with the world with Honda

Honda’s Dream Labs has come up with a solution for the sleeper road rager in all of us : the Emoji Horn. Beyond sharing your emotions via social media, you can now share them with the entire world on the road. Whether you are stuck in traffic, driving with idiots or just addressing a friendly salutation to a neighbour, you can now let everyone know how you really feel. Express yourself!

Lexus is actively putting an end to left lane hogging

Are you among the drivers who wish they could give left-lane hoggers a piece of their mind? When driving the nose of your car all up in their business and flashing your headlights does nothing to rid you of the nuisance of a slow-Sally in their Chevy Cruze, the Lane Vallet is there for you. Lexus has come up with a new feature that allows passers on the left to put the hoggers back where they belong when they are not passing : in the middle lane. From the touch of a button, your Lexus will momentarily take control of the car up ahead, turn on its flasher and when the middle lane is clear, gently induce a lane-changing motion. From now on, the road will always be clear when you drive a Lexus.

For the record, the longer you stare at the flowing feathers on the 570GT, the funnier it gets.


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