2017 Chevrolet Bolt

Chevy Bolt rated at close to 400 km

The Tesla Model 3 sure stole the show when it was officially — and finally — launched earlier this year. The hype, similar to the Apple fanpeeps lining up in front of their local Apple Store and spending hundreds of dollars to pre-order the latest Apple phone, has given Tesla millions of free dollars to kick start production of their mass market, accessible and affordable all-electric sedan.

Working in Tesla’s shadow, GM had a little something of their own in the works. The Bolt — emphasize the B here so people don’t think you’re talking about the Volt — made let’s say a more discrete debut. The look is nowhere as sexy as what Tesla has come up with, taking more after the Honda Fit than after the Aston Martin DB11. But we don’t mind so much because the Bolt has a lot going on for it that the 3 doesn’t have.

Not only will this new all-electric model hit the showrooms at the end of this year, it will also offer the best electric range GM has ever offered, and pretty much any other maker. Not even Tesla’s Model 3 and its expected 346-kilometer range coming sometime in the next decade hold the title. The Chevy Bolt is expected to hit the market with a price tag of less than $37,500 before incentives (so probably something along the lines of $37,495), it has an estimated range of 383 kilometers. Beat that! Did I mention that it’s also coming this year?

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