The Fastest Bentley is Back!

Bentley Continental SuperSports offers legendary speed

When a manufacturer hands you a press kit with a sheet containing facts and figures on its latest high-performing grand tourer, and a few of those facts listed include how the twin turbo can inhale the equivalent of 500 litres of air per second (or 1,000 people breathing in at once) or that the carbon brakes can withstand temperatures of up to 1,000C (hot lava) you realize you’re in the presence of some serious automotive engineering genius.

With decidedly appropriately dreary and rainy weather raging outside the stunningly pristine, white, and window-lined showroom of Decarie Motors in downtown Montreal, Quebec, the all-new Bentley Continental SuperSports roared to life just before the bright red drape was pulled back. The 6.0L twinturbo charged W12 engine roared to life, dual tailpipes barking, the rich guttural sound reverberating off the marble tiles underneath.

It might seem strange to associate such an opulent, prestigious and luxurious vehicle maker with sport performance, but Bentley Motors Limited has a rich history in racing, and this latest version of the Bentley Continental is proof that they know precisely what they’re doing when it comes to building a bloody fast car.

With a top speed of 336 km/hr, the Bentley Continental SuperSports is the fastest four-seater in the world (Demon eat your heart out), and has a 0-100 km/hr time of 3.4 seconds. The absolutely gorgeous W12 mill produces 700 horsepower and 750 lb-ft of torque. Lighter than previous Continental GT models and with a much more aggressive and lowered suspension set-up, this Bentley is built to perform.

Bentley Continental SuperSports launch

Of course the requisite carbon fibre bits, diamond-quilted leather and suede interior accents, as well as Bentley’s signature front grille are all part of the Continental SuperSport package. However, everything’s been given a heavy dose of testosterone and aggression with its blacked-out front grille and in-your-face rear spoiler. And if the four-seater coupe feels too claustrophobic for you, fear not, there’s also a convertible SuperSports available so you can experience the same 700 ponies while the wind races through your hair.


So, what about pricing? Well, nothing has been announced officially for Canada, based on pricing found for the US, it’s safe to say the Bentley Continental SuperSports will start in the vicinity of $400,000 for the coupe, and you can add an extra $40k-ish for the convertible version (because less always costs more, right?).

The Bentley Continental SuperSports we were privileged enough to see, hear, touch, and experience at Decarie Motors is currently the only one in Canada, so driving it was definitely out of the question, however, when the vehicle becomes available later on in the year, we hope to bring you a full write-up on what this race-inspired Bentley actually has to offer on the open road.

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