Hoping to land a few blows on Honda’s popular H-RV, Toyota will begin sparring on November 17th at the LA Car Show. The wraps are scheduled to slide off the radically-styled C-HR at 12:45 PM sharp. For those early adopters, the event will be live-streamed at https://livestream.com/Toyota/LA2016

The C-HR is a sharply designed crossover, which had been originally planned as part of the Scion family. With the demise of the Scion brand, the C-HR migrated to the Toyota family, though its intended market remains youth oriented.

Though it presents itself as a crossover, the C-HR rides lower than its competitors, giving it the lowest centre of gravity within its class. This configuration ought to contribute to a greater sense of sportiness on the road.

The somewhat controversial design theme takes its cues from the facets of a diamond, though a diamond in-the-rough it may be.

Drivetrains and pricing for North America have not yet been announced, but logic holds that it will receive front-wheel-drive with an option for all-wheel-drive. Engine choices may include a hybrid setup as well as a gas-fired 4-cylinder power plant.

No doubt, we’ll all know more on November 17th!

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