Dodge Charger and Challenger

Dodge’s aging lineup will wait a little longer

The good news however is that FCA does have a plan. However, if you are already bored with what’s in the Dodge showrooms, you will have to be patient to see the flame rekindled.

According to Automotive News, any plans the manufacturer had of upgrading their family of all-American vehicles has been delayed, meaning we will have to wait at least another year to see any significant changes take place, besides the disappearance of the Dart and Viper in the upcoming year.

There is a silver lining: if we take the brand’s plan for the upcoming five years for granted, there’s some exciting stuff coming our way; think Barracuda, AWD Challenger and Durango SRT.

In Dodge’s grander scheme, the Challenger and Charger are set to be injected with some Italian genes by receiving the Alfa Romeo Giulia’s Giorgio platform, a model that has yet to set foot on this side of the pond. The Challenger should even shed a staggering 226 kg in the process. Until then, we’ll get to look at all the pretty colors of the new 2017 T/A and Daytona packages that make the Charger and Challenger look like a handful of Skittles. V8 and candy; it hardly gets any better.

The Dodge Journey will follow; with the disappearance of the Chrysler 200 it should have shared a platform with, the next generation of the crossover will instead follow in the Charger and Challenger footsteps. Production should also head to Italy, because apparently Italians know crossovers so well.

The Barracuda namesake should also make a comeback as a muscled up convertible coupe to form the perfect American triquetra, alongside the Charger and the Challenger. The Grand Caravan will become fleet-dedicated and the Durango should receive a refresher next year with the introduction of a 6.4L V8-powered SRT version.

Though some will be sad to see the Viper go – and maybe even the Dart – a trio of Italian muscle cars and a wild Durango should make up for it.

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