Police Trade Shows

Building a Cop Car – Police Trade Shows

The amount of hardware and technology installed in a modern police vehicle is staggering. Look inside the typical patrol car and you’re sure to find an array of electronic equipment, including a laptop, siren controller, and police radio.

In many cases, you’ll also find a gun rack, ticket printer, mag-strip reader, and much more. Affixed to the outside the car will be both emergency lighting and take-down lighting, along with a push-bar, camera, siren speakers…and the list goes on.


So how do police agencies figure out what equipment to use and from where to get it?

Police conferences occur throughout North America on a regular basis. Many of these gatherings of police representatives also include an expo of sorts, at which vendors and manufacturers of police-related equipment and vehicles display their wares.

Think of it as a car show for cops, but with heavily guarded doors. Don’t expect to get in without appropriate credentials.

With close to 18,000 law enforcement agencies in the United States alone, supplying police departments with product, whether it be digital technology or green technology, is big business with fierce competition.

With rapidly evolving technology driving police fleets across North America, police trade-shows have become integral to the industry. They enable police agencies to maximize the safety and effectiveness of officers by supplying them with the best tools for the job of patrolling the mean streets 24X7.

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