Forest River Sunseeker

Weekends: Forest River Sunseeker 2300

You may have heard it said “the journey is the destination”. When it comes to travelling by RV, this is truly the case. Where else can you walk around your vacation property, play cards at a table or grab a snack from the fridge all while hurtling down the highway at 100 km/h? I know the kids should be buckled in and for the most part they are, but RV’s are serious road warriors and the 2012 Forest River Sunseeker we are driving this week is the perfect freeway companion.

Instead of the usual stay at a hotel or resort, our Muskoka adventure takes place courtesy of Go RVing Canada. A coalition of RV manufacturers, component suppliers, dealers and campgrounds, their goal is to insure Canadians enjoy the best of the RV lifestyle and an unforgettable travel experience. Of course, having Tom Selleck’s voice during a commercial can’t hurt either.

Powered by a 6.8-litre V10 Triton engine, the Ford version of the 2012 Forest River Sunseeker 2300 is built on E-350 Super Duty chassis. Performance numbers indicate 305 horsepower at 4,250 rpm and 420 lb.-ft. of torque at 3,250 rpm.

These numbers are impressive, yes, but weighing in at just over 4,500 kg, I would be hard pressed to describe the Sunseeker 2300 as being light on its feet. Calculating would be a better way to describe the acceleration available underfoot. Stopping power is good for a vehicle this size and the turning radius is better than I expect. Frequent pulling ahead, backing up and turning is as much a part of driving an RV as playing cards and eating.

Inside, our accommodations are luxurious and equal to any 3.5-star hotel. To secure a 4-star rating, all I would need is a valet attendant at the door, a bellman to carry my bags and a front desk check-in. That said, everything is already packed away and stored in the multiple drawers and cupboards prior to our leaving home, plus I park it myself. Who needs a hotel, 4 stars it is!

Multi-functional space is the goal of every RV. The Sunseeker 2300 sleeps up to six comfortably, that assumes at least two are children. As an adult, it is next to impossible possible to sleep in the fold out dining table/2-person bed area. A large queen bed beckons in the back, with overhead sleeping available above the driver’s compartment.

The cozy washroom contains an adult size shower with enough water pressure to get the job done. Kitchen appointments include a fridge, stove, sink and enough plugs for all your appliances. A/C is available for the summer, but we choose to open the screened windows and pop the roof hatches to let the outside in.

The concept of RV travel is to encourage vacationers to take control of their adventure and experience an unusual level of freedom and relaxation. If you could bring your favourite hotel room along and drop it on the shoreline of your preferred lake, wouldn’t that be perfect? RV’s allow you to do this with little hassle.

Our campsite is located just outside of Dorset, Ontario on the far eastern shores of the Lake of Bays. Boat access takes us on a 10 minute ride to Robinson’s General Store, a staple in cottage country and the Bigwin Steamboat restoration project now located in its new birth.

Back at the RV, I flip the switch and let the large canopy roll out to cover our sitting area. Burgers are on the grille and someone pops a beverage as loons call in the distance. Now this is a vacation!

2012 Forest River Sunseeker 2300
Engine/transmission: 6.8L 10 cylinder/ 5-spd automatic
Power/torque: 305 hp/ 420 lb-ft
Fuel (capacity): Regular (208L)
Fuel economy ratings: 19.6 L/100km city; 14.7 L/100km hwy
Observed fuel economy: 16.1 L/100km over 900 km

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