New Lincoln Aviator

The art of seduction with the all-new Lincoln Aviator

I always find it fascinating to discover the inspiration behind vehicle designs and engineering choices. From natural elements to a specific word or phrase, designers pull their inspiration from some pretty random and incredible things.

Well, as we were lead through a gorgeous art gallery in the lower west side of Manhattan, NY with a live violinist serenading us, the inspiration behind Lincoln’s all-new Aviator was revealed to us, one element at a time.

What stood out the most to me was the very first inspirational element: a ballerina. Now, when thinking about a larger crossover, you’d hardly think that a ballerina could or would inspire, but think again. Ballerinas are simultaneously graceful, poised, beautiful, and yet strong, grounded, and balanced.

And for the first time, I heard a designer admit they wanted their vehicle to seduce and attract on the road, not intimidate or attack.

So often vehicles are designed with aggression in mind; to look powerful and menacing and even intimidating on the road. Well, such is not the case with the all-new Aviator. In fact, there’s not a single angle where the Aviator looks overtly muscular or aggressive in any way.

With limited specs, all we know right now is that it will be available next year and while it’s currently built on a rear-wheel chassis, Canada will get an all-wheel-drive version only.

Nothing has been specified in terms of engine specs, however, Lincoln did admit that the Aviator will sport the company’s first twin-turbocharged plug-in hybrid engine. No output numbers were given, or range available on the battery. No transmission choices were stipulated, but I’d wager they’ll throw a 9-speed in there in the higher trims, with a standard 6-speed automatic available, as well.

There’s room for 7 adults in the Aviator, and thanks to its rear-wheel set-up they were able to engineer the vehicle with the wheels pushed as far out to the corners as possible, and allow for more interior space for all occupants. They claim a 6” tall man can fit “comfortably” in the third row, but I doubt he’d want to stay there long.

Inside, the Aviator is as pleasant and comfortable as you’d imagine it to be, with all the right amount of tech gadgets and soft-touch leather and trims.

I for one can’t wait to get behind the wheel. While the Navigator is just incredibly massive and over-the-top luxury, the Aviator seems to strike a nice balance between opulence and practicality.

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