Tesla Model 3 going into production

The Tesla Model 3 is hitting production! For once, Tesla is ahead of schedule, a rare occurrence for the EV manufacturer used to selling made-to-order, premium products. This time, Elon Musk’s project of passion is tackling the mass-production beast and it looks like things are continuing to move forward. Now if they could just find enough batteries to place inside their vehicles, they would really start running at full power!

Production of the long-awaited Model 3 is set to begin Friday- two weeks ahead of the original target date. The brand is expecting to gradually increase output to roll out 20,000 units per month by December of this year. Musk said that his target is for Tesla to reach 500,000 cars produced a year by 2018.

Close to half a million Model 3 have already been pre-ordered and deliveries will begin towards the end of 2017. Pricing has been set at US$35,000, and we are still awaiting the Canadian figures, though the cost of the deposit of $1,000 is the same for everyone.


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