On the tenth day of Christmas!

This is one I was longing to get my hands on. With everyone consistently telling me how good the Mazda MX-5 is, whether they drove a first or a fourth generation, it sure felt like I was the kid who didn’t get her Darth Vader figurine when the movie first came out, or the Air Jordans when Michael was still the best player in the league. I was out of it. So after what feels like a 27-year wait, I finally got to witness all the hype for myself.  And now, I too get to say “It’s one of the best cars I’ve driven”.

It’s not fast: at 155 hp and 148 lb-ft of torque, it is even pretty average in terms of power. No shiny big numbers that make you dream at night. What it does so well and what makes the real difference in the experience, however, is the fact that the car is ultra light. At a little over 1,000kg, which is about the same weight as a Nissan Micra, all that the power is sent to the rear wheels. This is where the magic happens and turns what could be an otherwise boring car into everyone’s guilty – or non-guilty – pleasure.

Low to the ground, wide at the hips, you’ve got yourself a sports convertible that begs to be driven. And with a six-speed manual transmission to match the personality, it’s hard not to oblige. This was by far one of my favourite drives of the year, a little bit because of its legacy and a lot thanks to its driver-oriented dynamics. Considering I always crave a little something exciting and fun to drive, this is a model that gets my blood flowing. The Mazda Miata? Oh yeah! I love that car.

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