MINI John Cooper Works GP concept
MINI John Cooper Works GP concept

MINI teases the John Cooper Works GP

So, you think MINIs are all awww and no grrr? Well, how about you take a gander at these concept photos released by MINI leading up to their concept’s unveiling at the Frankfurt Auto Show? Not so cute now, eh?

Based on the latest MINI chassis and body style, this ramped up John Cooper Works GP edition is in a word: badass. Seriously. Look at the fender flares, the front lip for maximum road-stickage at high speeds, the savage wing off the back, and the massive 19” race wheels that are all but clinging to the ginormous brakes and calipers hidden beneath. Oh, and the subtle Union Jack decals on the taillights are a fabulous touch.

Now, MINI’s not given us any stats on power output or other mechanical specs yet, but if we take a moment to remember the last GP version to grace our roads (only a small jump in horsepower at 3 extra ponies but with plenty of beefed up suspension bits and bobs, as well), here’s hoping this concept will soon toon into a reality that pumps up the power even more. Maybe 250 horsepower?

As was the case with the previous GP, there seems to be no back seat in the latest JCW GP, instead the cockpit is outfitted with some sublimely sexy race seats complete with five-point harness belts and a complete roll cage system. Of course, the large centre display screen remains, as does the signature MINI steering wheel.

Obviously, the photos MINI has shared so far are only concepts, but I’m currently crossing every limb and finger and toe that it really does look like that in real life and that it stays 99% the same when it finally comes into production down the road. And I know I’m not the only one.


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