LYNK & CO: A new global car brand part II

A few days ago, parent company Geely Auto Group in China launched LYNK & CO, their new global automotive brand. Only one vehicle is set for production at this time. It’s a crossover style of SUV co-developed by Geely and Volvo, and aptly badged as 01.

The 01 will be sold first in China, however, it’s slated for distribution in both Europe and North America in 2018.

The LYNK & CO 01 is mobilized by hybrid technology utilizing a three-cylinder gas engine in tandem with battery power. Perhaps more unique than its modern power plant is the extensive use of web-connected technology managed largely through 10-inch screen set into the dashboard. The vehicle also links to the user’s smart phone via a web-based interface.

The connected technology allows LYNK & CO 01 owners to share their automobiles with other LYNK & CO members, who may not own a vehicle themselves but rather choose to pay membership fees and pay-as-you-go rental.

This effectively enables LYNK & CO owners to generate rental income from their vehicles rather than leaving them parked when not in use. It’s interesting to see this evolution of the car-share concept relied upon by car2go, Evo, Modo, and the likes.

Other technology aboard the 01 includes driver-assistance aids, such as blind-spot monitoring and Follow to Stop cruise control. Don’t expect to see multiple trim levels though or a long list of options in the 01 lineup. LYNK & CO advise that the vehicles, which are well appointed, can be personalized to each owner’s needs through the onboard connectivity.

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