Kia-Concept EV9

Kia Concept EV9 Debuts

Kia continues to fast-track its electrification roadmap, evidenced by the presentation of the Concept EV9 at the 2021 AutoMobility LA trade show in California. 

Kia Concept EV9-1
Kia Concept EV9

A pure EV built on the brand’s dedicated Electric Global Modular Platform, the styling takes after what it calls “Bold for Nature, part of the Opposites United design language mixing art and technology. The boxy SUV looks like something CGI’d come to life with its 3-D crystalline-inspired fenders and various other geometric visual components. 

The signature Tiger Face grille has evolved into a digital version: an intricate star cloud pattern illuminates behind a solid front panel, which is hidden when the vehicle is off. An integrated solar panel mimicking as an air duct on the hood can soak up sunlight and convert it into power for the battery.

Kia Concept EV9-3
Kia Concept EV9
Kia Concept EV9

Side cameras replace traditional side mirrors, and there are embedded roof rails capable of retracting flat when not in use to optimize aerodynamics. Similarly, massive 22-inch wheels are uniquely shaped to control airflow around the wheel. 

The outdoor theme continues in the cabin where a mood-lifting all-glass panoramic roof bringing in plenty of natural light. Modelled after a first-class lounge, the minimalistic interior features swiveling front seats with a second row that folds into a table, 27-inch ultra-wide infotainment screen and a pop out oval-gripped steering pad. 

Visitors to the show can see the EV9 on display until Nov. 28.

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