273,973 years is how long it would have taken Honda to build 100 million automobiles with a production rate of one per day. Fortunately, mass-production techniques enabled Japan’s Honda Motor Company to achieve this astounding goal in just 53 years.

Honda ignited its use of mass-production in 1963 with the manufacture of the T360 mini truck at their Saitama factory#1. That same year, they also launched production of the tiny S500 sports car at the Hamamatsu Factory#2 in Shizuoka Prefecture. By 1964, Honda had established a new plant at Sayama City, Saitama Prefecture, dedicated exclusively to the production of automobiles.

From that point forward, Honda evolved into today’s global car company, known and admired around the world by drivers of all ages and backgrounds. Here’s a brief historical overview:


1948Honda Motor Co., Ltd. established
1963Production of the T360 mini-truck started at Saitama Factory
1969Production of N600 and TN360 by component parts sets started in Taiwan.

(Honda’s first overseas auto production) Production of N360 started in Malaysia

1975Production of Civic and other models started in Indonesia
1978Cumulative worldwide production of automobiles reached 5 million units
1982Production of Accord started in the U.S.
1983Cumulative worldwide production of automobiles reached 10 million units
1984Production of Accord started in Thailand
1986Production of Accord started in Canada
1990Cumulative worldwide production of automobiles reached 20 million units
1992Production of Accord started in the U.K.
1994Production of Civic started in Pakistan
1995Cumulative worldwide production of automobiles reached 30 million units

Production of Accord started in Mexico

1997Production of Civic started in Brazil and Turkey

Production of City started in India

1999Cumulative worldwide production of automobiles reached 40 million units

Production of Accord started in China

2003Cumulative worldwide production of automobiles reached 50 million units
2015Production of Accord started in Nigeria
2016Cumulative worldwide production of automobiles reached 100 million units

Like a kid nailing a straight ‘A’ report card, Mr. Takahiro Hachigo, President of Honda Motor Company, spoke proudly of his company’s accomplishment.

“Thanks to the support from our customers around the world, Honda was able to deliver 100 million automobiles. The passion of our company founder who wanted to help people in their daily lives and pursue the joy of driving has been inherited by Honda associates as the original starting point of Honda automobile manufacturing. Striving to meet the next 100 million customers, Honda will continue delivering increasingly attractive products.”

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