New car from China could pose a threat to mainstream manufacturers

Geely, one of China’s largest manufacturing companies, and the owner of Volvo, is set to launch a new automotive brand – LYNK & CO – on October 20th. Chinese automaker Geely

Reportedly, the first vehicle under the new nameplate will be an SUV-crossover of sorts, described as affordable and based on a Geely/Volvo co-developed CMA (Complex Modular Architecture) platform.

Don’t expect just one vehicle from LYNK & CO. Plans are in place for sedans as well, again aimed at mid-level buyers.

The initial market for LYNK & CO will be China, but both Europe and North America lay in the crosshairs. How this will play out over the coming years will be fascinating to watch. There’s little doubt though that the immersion of an affordable line of vehicles out of China will be a game-changer in the Canadian and US markets.

With Volvo’s expertise, and hardware co-developed by Geely and Volvo, LYNK & CO may be a threat well worth taking seriously by mainstream manufacturers.Geely Lynk & Co

Much more about Geely’s latest endeavour will be known on October 20th as it launches the LYNK & CO brand. A name, which at this point, sounds more like an upscale clothing line than the manufacturer of mass-produced automobiles.

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