Four flavors of F-150 heading to SEMA

The SEMA show is the Mecca of modified cars and trucks, the chance for everything extravagant and nearly undrivable to shine. It is also the occasion for many manufacturers to have a bit of fun and set a few design crews loose with only one condition: make it stand out. For the upcoming 2016 edition of the SEMA opening up in November, Ford has teased with what they will be presenting. This time, the F-150 is their lab rat.

The bold, the brute, the rugged and the ugly

I’ll leave it up to you to decide which one fits which title: I’ve made my choice. Each of these designs are one-offs built by customization labs that specialize in just that: turning a standard, boring, stock vehicle into a work (or a disaster) of art.


This Lariat SuperCrew is meant as a BMX hommage designed by CGS Performance Products. It includes Ssquared bike frames, spare parts, helmets and gear as well as numerous GoPro mounts to make sure you capture all the action.


The Gold Standard (I’ll let you guess which one it is) is by A.R.E. Accessories. Powered by a 3.5L V6 EcoBoost engine, this gold nugget is also equipped with 22-inch Fuel Forged rims and a Skyjacker suspension.


The version of the F-150 presented by Bojix Design is a super-off-road champion version of the pickup truck we normally see on construction sites or on boat ramps, rather than in the wild. Based and built on the XLT 4×4 Supercab version of the model, this design features a Ready Lift seven-inch lift kit, Fox Racing coilover shocks and 22-inch Grid Off-Road GF-2 forged wheels.


Last but not least is the Cadillac-looking EraThr3 F-150 by Hulst Customs. Besides the massive 26-inch wheels, the real show is under the hood: the 5.0L V8 with a Whipple supercharger. What that means is that this lowrider pushes 750 hp.

The 2016 SEMA Show will open up on November 1st in Las Vegas.

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