Fastest SUV unveiled at SEMA

If I say that a 2,000-horsepower SUV has made an appearance at this week’s SEMA, what manufacturer comes to mind? You are most likely wrong.

The Land Speed Cruiser — wink wink — boasts a 5.7L  twin-turbo V8 engine rated at a whooping 2,000 hp. Max ground speed? Somewhere around 345 km/h.  This project has been lead by Toyota’s motorsports technical center. The center’s manager, Chuck Wade, commented that the changes are subtle and that this Land Cruise looks otherwise normal. Unless you see a low-riding Land Cruiser on every street, this isn’t exactly subtle.

The chassis is riding low on the set of five-spoke Momo wheels and the hood has been redesigned to improve aerodynamics and receive the two humongous volleyball-sized Garrett  turbochargers. It also features an ATI transmission with a wet clutch.

This is one SUV that will smoke any take off and leave everyone else behind, in the dust, wondering what just happened. The Land Speed Cruiser will be on display at SEMA until Thursday.


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