2018 Subaru Forester Pricing Announced

In February of this year, the Automobile Journalists’ Association of Canada (AJAC) bestowed upon Subaru’s Forester the title of Canadian Utility Vehicle of the Year for 2017.

2018 Subaru Forester

That distinction doesn’t come easily; in fact, it’s a team effort involving automotive journalists across the country who assemble annually to conduct in-depth testing and analysis of nominated vehicles.

“Our program is absolutely testing-based,” said Justin Pritchard, co-chair of the Canadian Car of the Year committee. “We have experienced vehicle testers driving dozens of vehicles, back to back, over the course of several days. This testing process generated 1,384 test drives, producing over 100,000 data points and 1,058 category ballots. It’s important to note that every aspect of this testing data is shared online via our website, so shoppers can see how any given vehicle won its category, or how it stacked up to the category winner.”

Proud of their accomplishment, Subaru recently announced that its 2018 Forester is scheduled to hit showrooms in Canada this month. They also announced pricing for the ever-popular rig, which benefits from updated features and the availability of additional safety technology for 2018, though engine choices remain unchanged.

Here’s how pricing shakes-out for 2018:

Model Transmission MSRP
2.5i 6MT $25,995
CVT $27,295
2.5i Convenience CVT $29,195
2.5i Touring 6MT $30,495
CVT $31,795
2.5i Touring with optional EyeSight Package CVT $33,295
2.5i Limited CVT $35,795
2.5i Limited with optional EyeSight Package CVT $37,295
2.0XT Touring CVT $33,995
2.0XT Touring with optional EyeSight Package CVT $35,495
2.0XT Limited CVT $37,995
2.0XT Limited with optional EyeSight Package CVT $39,495

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