Ferrari has had many opponents in its history, both as a supercar maker and as a motorsport champion. This new opponent, however, is something else completely and is taking the ‘Scuderia‘ back to its roots.

600 horsepower versus only 2; that might seem like an unfair contest. Except when the two horses are pulling a Roman chariot.

That’s the challenge Fabio Barone and his 458 Italia will face on the set of the remake of the 1959 epic Ben-Hur. The president of the Ferrari Club Passione Rossa will measure up to an original Ben-Hur chariot.

Where the Ferrari is expected to dominate in the straight lines, the chariot will most likely have the advantage in the corners.

The chariot, the very one Charlton Heston rode in the original movie, will race against the 458 at the Massenzio arena in Rome.

To be fair, Barone has also already set a pair of Guinness World Records of speed. The vehicles will race on three laps around the track, and to ensure the animals’ safety, in opposite directions. The challenge will take place Thursday morning, local time. Who will you bet on?

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