Ronnie Fung started his photography career in 2004 after buying his first digital SLR camera to document his travels. Thousands of trial-by-error photos later and fueled by his newfound passion, he merged his career in the motorcycle and high-performance automotive world with photography and storytelling upon his return.

This combination led to an opportunity to use his talents and knowledge to share his experience as an editor with Autoblog Canada in 2012 – 2016 and a stint with AutoTrader in 2016.

His photography specialties lie in capturing the sensation of rapid motion at interesting angles; figuring out new and interesting ways to shoot cars; finding the right balance between artistic interpretation and what the naked eye would see; and night time photography. In essence, he’s an extremely versatile and sometimes unconventional photographer, capable of nailing almost any type of shot that can be imagined in any given location, inclement weather and conditions.

Connecting with other enthusiasts plays a large part in his day-to-day life. He understands the passion and enthusiasm that people can have for their vehicles – he lives it himself. He’s often commissioned to photograph enthusiast-owned cars or bikes, with a mixture of posed static shots in fitting locations, and motion shots with the vehicle in its element, doing what it was built for. In order to accomplish the job the way he wants to, he often just spends time with people learning what it is they love about their trusty (or not so trusty) steeds, first, often finding common ground them owing to his own shared automotive passion.

Given the privilege to drive, shoot and write about all the latest and the greatest vehicles in some of the most iconic locales around the world, Ronnie is as happy as an Imperial Stormtrooper who actually hit their target. There isn’t a vehicle out there that he can’t find have a good time in. The smaller, lighter and higher revving – the better. If it’s force-fed air, he’s instantly drawn to it and propelled into the fourth dimension when boost hits.

When he’s not shooting or writing about cars and bikes, he’s happiest when he’s steering an analogue RWD vehicle (preferably Japanese-made, pre-2001) through a cloud of smoke via throttle and melted tires on a racetrack.

If you’re interested in seeing more of his work or contacting him, feel free to mosey on over to You can also follow him on Instagram at

In his spare time, Ronnie enjoys driving things that are too impractical to drive, memes, playing music that’s too loud with his band, people who laugh with him, kindness, sharing, politics, and coming to terms with the fact that he’ll never have Force powers and that Obi-Wan lied.

Ronnie Fung

Ronnie Fung

Ronnie does not enjoy people who don’t enjoy laughing, electronic ‘parking brakes’, speedbumps, and open differentials.

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